Australian Telehealth Repository

This list of publications on Telehealth projects and activities in Australia is provided by the University of Western Sydney, from their searchable database available publicly at

The Adelaide Unicare Telehealth Project has a digital index for the Evidence for Telehealth and can can be found at Evidence for Telehealth (Unicare e-health)

Historical Index of research articles dealing with telehealth:

Category Name Source Year
Journal Paper Clinical value of the telephone-transmitted electrocardiogram Pubmed 1973
Journal Paper Teleconferencing: peer support for new graduates and preceptors Pubmed 1988
Journal Paper Telemedicine Pubmed 1989
Book “Telemedicine in remote Australia : a controlled study to evaluate the Queensland Northwest Telemedicine Project, 1985-1988 : a primary health care perspective” National Library of Australia 1991
Journal Paper Low-cost teleradiology for Australia Pubmed 1991
Journal Paper Computer communication for international collaboration in education in public health. The TEMPUS Consortium for a New Public Health in Hungary Pubmed 1992
Book Telemedicine in Australia: a discussion paper Google books 1993
Journal Paper Teleradiology in NSW NSW Health 1993
Journal Paper Telemedicine. A health care system to help Australians Pubmed 1993
Journal Paper America’s health care reforms. Pubmed 1994
Journal Paper A letter from Australia. Pubmed 1995
Journal Paper Anticipated response to three common injuries by rural and remote area residents Pubmed 1995
Journal Paper The development of a method for measuring anticipated illness behaviour in three common injuries Pubmed 1995
Journal Paper Telemedicine–clinical applications in mental health Pubmed 1995
Journal Paper Informatics in family practice–an Asia-Pacific perspective Pubmed 1995
Journal Paper Telemedicine in Australia. 1: The health-care system and the development of telemedicine Pubmed 1995
Report Ways Forward: National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Policy National Consultancy Report DoHA 1995
Journal Paper A Telemedicine Initiative Pubmed 1996
Journal Paper Teleconsulting trial. Pubmed 1996
Journal Paper Teleconsulting. Pubmed 1996
Journal Paper Teleradiology at a children’s hospital: a pilot study. Pubmed 1996
Journal Paper Networking rural and remote communities for health Pubmed 1996
Journal Paper Options in education for advanced trainees in isolated general practice Pubmed 1996
Journal Paper “Rural health and IT&T in Australia–the results of qualitative and quantitative surveys of the needs, perceptions and expectations of rural and remote health professionals” Pubmed 1996
Journal Paper Telemedicine applications in an integrated mental health service based at a teaching hospital Pubmed 1996
Journal Paper The Queensland Northern Regional Health Authority telemental health project Pubmed 1996
Journal Paper Commentary: Where has health informatics come from? Where is it going? Pubmed 1996
Journal Paper Health technology assessment. Pubmed 1996
Journal Paper Telepsychiatry in rural South Australia Pubmed 1996
Journal Paper User adoption issues in renal telemedicine Pubmed 1996
Journal Paper Australian telemedicine. Gearing up down under Pubmed 1996
Journal Paper Telemedicine in Australia. 2: The Health Communication Network Pubmed 1996
Journal Paper Audio-teleconferencing as a medium for distance learning: its application for continuing education in optometry Pubmed 1996
Report Queensland Mental Health Policy Statement: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People Queensland Health 1996
Media Doctors encouraged to support GP Intranet DoHA 1997
Media New technology to lift health status in the bush DoHA 1997
Book Telemedicine implications for negligence in the doctor-patient relationship National Library of Australia 1997
Book “Adoption of the “”Mobility Chart”” : factors which facilitate or impede successful use of an innovative communication tool in a health care setting” National Library of Australia 1997
Journal Paper Clinical mobile computing–connecting clinicians Pubmed 1997
Journal Paper Teledermatology solves a nasty skin problem at the bottom of the world Pubmed 1997
Journal Paper Telemedicine: threats and opportunities Pubmed 1997
Journal Paper “Medicine, crime and unprofessional conduct in the on-line world” Pubmed 1997
Journal Paper Telemedicine in Australia. Recent developments Pubmed 1997
Journal Paper Managing the gap: balancing advances in technology with advances in management practice. Pubmed 1997
Journal Paper Realtime ultrasound diagnosis over a wide-area network (WAN) using off-the-shelf components Pubmed 1997
Journal Paper Telecommunication in the medical environment. Pubmed 1997
Journal Paper Telemedicine and the New Children’s Hospital (Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children) Pubmed 1997
Journal Paper Tele’medicine’. Pubmed 1997
Journal Paper How not to develop telemedicine systems Pubmed 1997
Journal Paper Successful development of telemedicine systems–seven core principles Pubmed 1997
Journal Paper Telemedicine ophthalmology consultation in remote Queensland. Pubmed 1997
Journal Paper Telemedicine here to stay QLD
Journal Paper The use of telemedicine to perform psychiatric assessments under the Mental Health Act Pubmed 1997
Journal Paper A comparison of the Eating Disorder Examination and a general psychiatric schedule Pubmed 1997
Journal Paper A referrer and patient evaluation of a telepsychiatry consultation-liaison service in South Australia Pubmed 1997
Journal Paper Clinical applications of renal telemedicine Pubmed 1997
Journal Paper Consumer requests for information regarding psychotropic drugs: experience from a national medicines phone-in Pubmed 1997
Journal Paper Information technology in medicine Pubmed 1997
Journal Paper “Telepsychiatry: ‘tele’ yes, but what about the ‘psychiatry’?” Pubmed 1997
Journal Paper “Value-adding information: virtual conferencing, a telecommunication pathway to the future” Pubmed 1997
Journal Paper A validation study of home uterine activity monitoring technology in Western Australia Pubmed 1997
Presentation Address to the Rural Public Health Forum DoHA 1997
Report Developing Outcome Orientated Information Systems for Mental Health Services: Discussion Paper 1: Local Area Information Systems for Mental Health Services: General Principals and Guidelines DoHA 1997
Media New government plans to extend psychiatric services to rural and remote communities DoHA 1997
Media The future for hospitals in the health system DoHA 1997
Presentation The future of hospitals in Australia’s health services DoHA 1997
Journal Paper Self-directed behavioral family intervention for parents of oppositional children in rural and remote areas Pubmed 1997
Journal Paper WCALive: broadcasting a major medical conference on the Internet Pubmed 1997
Media First step towards a central services health information platform for regional Australia DoHA 1998
Media Ministers work together to promote Australia’s telemedicine industry DoHA 1998
Book “Health care, crime and regulatory control” Google books 1998
Book Telehealth in Australia: equitable healthcare for older people in rural and remote areas Google books 1998
Book The Locales Framework: Understanding and Designing for CooperativeWork National Library of Australia 1998
Book Telehealth in Australia : equitable healthcare for older people in rural and remote areas National Library of Australia 1998
Journal Paper Pacific Rim report: Australia. An interview with Dr. Peter Yellowlees Pubmed 1998
Journal Paper Telepsychiatry background and activity survey. The development of telepsychiatry Pubmed 1998
Journal Paper Cost-effectiveness analysis of telemedicine. Pubmed 1998
Journal Paper A comparison between digital images viewed on a picture archiving and communication system diagnostic workstation and on a PC-based remote viewing system by emergency physicians. Pubmed 1998
Journal Paper Funding arrangements for telehealth: encouraging efficiency rather than proliferation Pubmed 1998
Journal Paper Telecardiology over health care intranet Pubmed 1998
Journal Paper The common principles of health informatics standardisation that require exchange of information between the standardisation bodies of different countries. Pubmed 1998
Journal Paper Cost evaluation of a telepsychiatry service in northern Queensland Pubmed 1998
Journal Paper Infrastructure for reaching disadvantaged consumers: telecommunications in rural and remote nursing in Australia Pubmed 1998
Journal Paper Practical evaluation of telemedicine systems in the real world Pubmed 1998
Journal Paper Telemedicine in neonatology: lessons from North Queensland Pubmed 1998
Journal Paper The use of telemedicine to treat ophthalmological emergencies in rural Australia Pubmed 1998
Journal Paper Trauma debriefing by telemedicine Pubmed 1998
Journal Paper Videoconferencing: practical advice on implementation. Pubmed 1998
Journal Paper Broadband multimedia for education Pubmed 1998
Journal Paper Information overload: opportunities and challenges for the GP’s desktop Pubmed 1998
Journal Paper Pacific Rim report: Australia. Pubmed 1998
Journal Paper Telemedicine industry in Australia: case study of existing and emerging opportunities Pubmed 1998
Journal Paper Telepsychiatry in South Australia. Pubmed 1998
Journal Paper Telemedicine: have technological advances improved health care to remote Antarctic populations? Pubmed 1998
Journal Paper The experience of the Royal Children’s Hospital Mental Health Service videoconferencing project. Pubmed 1998
Journal Paper Tele-ophthalmic screening using digital imaging devices. Pubmed 1998
Journal Paper Evaluation of a continuing medical education programme for rural and remote health-care professionals Pubmed 1998
Media $1.2 million boost to the territory’s health infrastructure DoHA 1998
Media Health information management and information technology DoHA 1998
Report National Health Priority Areas Report: Diabetes mellitus: 1998 DoHA 1998
Journal Paper Cost-benefit analysis and mammographic screening: a travel cost approach Pubmed 1998
Report Annual Report 1997-1998: Human Services SA Health 1998
Report From Telehealth to E-health: the unstoppable rise of E-health “Commonwealth Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (DOCITA)” 1999
Conference Paper Towards a National Approach to Telehealth Evaluation: The Work of the Australian New Zealand Telehealth Committee Health Informatics Society of Australia
Book Telehealth as a means of improving access to mental health services for geographically remote and underserved populations National Library of Australia 1999
Journal Paper A growing partnership in telehealth Pubmed 1999
Journal Paper International telepsychiatry: a link between New Zealand and Australia Pubmed 1999
Response Telehealth: opportunities and liabilities. Pubmed 1999
Journal Paper Telemedicine finds its way into the Outback Pubmed 1999
Journal Paper Time for telehealth? Pubmed 1999
Journal Paper A child and adolescent psychiatric outreach service for rural New South Wales: a telemedicine pilot study Pubmed 1999
Journal Paper A web-based approach for electrocardiogram monitoring in the home Pubmed 1999
Journal Paper Direct transmission of electrocardiograms to a mobile phone for management of a patient with acute myocardial infarction Pubmed 1999
Journal Paper Information technology in primary health care. Pubmed 1999
Journal Paper The implications of telemedicine for nursing Pubmed 1999
Journal Paper Health online: the future isn’t what it used to be Pubmed 1999
Journal Paper Medicolegal risk in telemedicine: risk control in teleradiology Pubmed 1999
Journal Paper Minimum requirements for remote realtime fetal tele-ultrasound consultation Pubmed 1999
Journal Paper Training for telemedicine. Pubmed 1999
Journal Paper Information technology and under-served communities Pubmed 1999
Journal Paper Renal case conference using teleradiology and videoconferencing between Adelaide and Alice Springs Pubmed 1999
Journal Paper The enhancement of audience participation in telemedicine education by the use of electronic voting. Pubmed 1999
Journal Paper The uneven diffusion of telemedicine services in Australia Pubmed 1999
Journal Paper Space analogue studies in Antarctica. Pubmed 1999
Journal Paper An evaluation of an Australian videoconferencing project for child and adolescent telepsychiatry Pubmed 1999
Journal Paper Evaluation of a portable fundus camera for use in the teleophthalmologic diagnosis of glaucoma Pubmed 1999
Journal Paper Nuclear medicine teleradiology in regional and rural centres of Western Australia. Pubmed 1999
Journal Paper “Pilot study of store and forward teledermatology services in Perth, Western Australia” Pubmed 1999
Journal Paper Video-conferencing experiment heralds a new era in health promotion Pubmed 1999
Report “An overview of health status, health care and public health in Australia: Occasional Papers Series No. 5” DoHA 1999
Presentation Inaugural meeting of the National Health Information Management Advisory Council DoHA 1999
Media Innovative Grants Program: Project Summaries DoHA 1999
Report Mental Health Integration Strategy: Planning Guidelines for National Demonstration Projects in Integrated Mental Health Care DoHA 1999
Media New National Health Information Council to take Australia into the century of healing DoHA 1999
Presentation Speech to the National Rural Health Conference DoHA 1999
Report The Ageing Australian Population and Future Health Costs: 1996-2051 DoHA 1999
Report Ministerial Taskforce: Nursing Recruitment and Retention: Discussion and Recommendations Queensland Health 1999
Report Review of Trauma and Emergency Services 1999: Final Report Vic Health 1999
Report Goldfields Aboriginal Health Plan: A Report for the Regional Planning Team WA Health 1999
Report Strategic Plan for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health in the Mid-West region of Western Australia WA Health 1999